Sunday Remix // Do You Admire Me?

There was man named Charles Blondin who had an obsession with tight-rope walking.  He created quite a show by walking a 900’+ wire over Niagara Falls before the anticipating eyes of droves of people.  His exploits were both dangerous and captivating.  On one occassion, he walked the rope above Niagara Falls blindfolded while pushing a wheelbarrow.  Thousands of admirers cheered him on as he carefully and successfully traversed the line.  And when he reached the other side, he asked for a volunteer to get in the wheelbarrow.

And that was the illustration Pastor Wayne Hardy used yesterday at the Kirk.  He emphasized that there is a difference between admiration and devotion.   Thousands admired Dr. Martin Luther King, but thousands wouldn’t go to prison with him.  Thousands admired Mother Theresa, but few would step foot in Calcutta with her.

The same is true with Jesus.  Do you admire Jesus?  Or are you devoted to Him?

Do you admire great teachers of the Bible?  Or are you willing to take a step towards devotion and study it for yourself?  The point is:

You cannot rest in the shadow of someone else’s faith in Christ.

Whenever Jesus ministered to people, He didn’t say “admire me.”

He said “follow me.”°