I Am Extra Large …day 0


Well, according to the Body Mass Index (BMI).  Although I have the same dimensions as Superman, I’m in the same shape as a mall Santa.

Many of you know I am a freak for Dr. Pepper.  I bought a 32oz. Dr. Pepper three different times today.  So according to this site that means I consumed 1,200 calories just from those drinks.  I also spent $2.83.  If this trend continues for an entire year, I’m out $1,032.95 and will have consumed 118,260 grams of sugar (or, 260.7 pounds).

So I’m going to try and give up Dr. Pepper for 30 days.  I weigh 225 lbs. right now and my target “normal weight” (according to the BMI) is 204 lbs.  I want to see if drinking water instead will cause me to lose part (or hopefully all) of the 21 lbs.

So here goes.  Peace out Dr. Pepper.