Values [part 1]

I took a good chunk of the morning yesterday to talk candidly with my students about what I value in ministry. I started by reading Acts 2:42-47 and began to unpack what ministry is all about…at least in my eyes.  I told the students that I value five big things:

  1. Worship
  2. The Bible
  3. Outreach
  4. Small Groups
  5. Service

It took a few minutes to explain why this is important to me and a few more minutes to explain how I don’t think these are valued in our youth group.  This wasn’t a tongue lashing; it was a plea.  I want this so bad for my kids.  I came to make disciples, fully devoted followers of Christ.  And I challenged them to stop being kind-of-devoted-attenders-of-church.  So, after unpacking what I expected, what I valued, I opened it up and asked them two open-ended questions: 1) what do you expect from our youth group? 2) what does a perfect youth group look like in your mind?